Visiting EIKUN, The Water Lords producer in Kyoto, Japan


My visits around different Kuras in Japan as well as foreign distributors and vendors are all part of my business strategy. By developing close relationships with every party involved in the business, you assure that all of the involved parties know just how much you value their participation in your business. It does not matter if you are a small vendor, a small producer or a massive distributor – everyone counts and everyone involved makes the business just what it is today, and will help it grow in the future. That is the way to do business, in my way of thinking.


Today, I’m going to tell you about a visit to Eikun, the Water Lords Junmai Sake producer with their Kura based in Kyoto.


Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, and today it is one of the best tourist spot in Japan. I recommend foreign visitors to go for a sight seeing in Kyoto, it’s very beautiful and historical city.


You probably remember me talking about Water Lords Sake before in my blog – it is a brand that my clients appreciate a great deal. I also have a very good relationship with the Kura and their management – together we are going to work towards getting their Sake out on the International market to a greater degree than it is today.


Upon arrival, I met up with the manager Saito-San and his son, Saito Hiroshi-San. Kuras are often (though not always) family businesses, and I like doing business with these kinds of suppliers and distributors, as it means that the business will be of a very specific and traditional “character”.


The President, Saito-san and his son Saito Hiroshi-san


One of my purposes of this visit to the Kura was, apart from keeping up excellent relations with one of my favorite suppliers, to tell them about my Sake promotion tour in the USA a few weeks ago.


As you can read in my previous blog post, the visit to the USA, for details regarding this promotional tour. Needless to say however, it went extremely well and the Water Lords Sake was one of the brands and Kura that were prominently featured during this promotion.



Another reason for my visit to the Kura was that I have a sizeable shipment of Water Lords Sake that is ready for shipping – also at the Kura. I wanted to make sure that everything was up to my customers specifications. In this business, it is incredibly important that customers receive exactly what they order and nothing else.


As a business, I want to provide my customers with an above-expectations experience in anything wherein they have contact or dealings with me. I believe this to be one of the key components of doing successful Sake business.



My visit to one of my favorite Kura was a resounding success – I look forward to visiting Saito-San again in the future and I look forward to dealing with Water Lords Sake even more than I do today – it is one of my personal favorites.

Until next time.


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