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In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more clear that Sake popularity is rising outside of Japan. Sake-tasting events are numerous and the export and import of Sake is rising rapidly. It is a boom. Tasting competitions are appearing outside of Japan in much the same spirit as wine-tasting. Domestically within Japan, small breweries and Sake export is being sponsored by the government, and as such is a very lucrative market to get into at this time.


Project Kokushu is a Japanese government-sponsored project to bring the taste of Japanese Sake beyond Japans borders. This is an important venture, and importers such as you are sought after! You’re wanted here in Japan!


“Because the population of Japan is gradually getting smaller, the sake industry must think about ways to expand beyond its borders. Right now, there is a booming interest in sushi and other Japanese foods all over the world, so there’s an opportunity to take advantage of that interest. Sake is the natural match for Japanese cuisine ・it’s not an after-dinner drink, or a drink you have at a bar ・it’s meant to accompany meals, especially fish and other Japanese foods.” -Shigeyuki Shinohara

Chairman of Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Assosication


As well as offering you direct entry into this highly attractive market, we offer you the chance to import Sake from both small and large-scale sake producers. We work directly with producers (Kuras), so that you can get fresh Sake – all of our Sake is freshly-bottled, one of our guarantees is that you will never receive aged or old Sake from us. Sake shipments are arranged here in Japan – we ship them to you by sea or by air. In addition to handling the freight, we assure you that through a well-developed domestic contact network, you will receive the very best competitive price for your premium Sake. Of course we also provide any and all support that you may need in your Sake affairs.


Here are a few more benefits
we’d like to mention to you.


  • We send Sake door to door – worldwide
  • Bottles and cases of Sake are expertly packed and handled by professionals
  • We handle orders the sizes from a small palette to several full containers
  • We can send you samples – a minimum of 6 bottles of sake in a 10kg FedEx box.
  • We can mix your sample case to include several different types of Sake that you want to sample
  • Sake can be purchased directly from the top producers (Kuras) at cost and exported or shipped through us and directly to you.
  • We offer you insurance for your shipment, if you so request.
  • We can construct shipments made out of products from several different Sake producers, giving you the option to put together your very own specialized order of Premium Sake.
  • We’re always looking for customers that share our values – loyal, repeat customers are appreciated and offered special terms for their orders.
  • The number of competitors in this industry are incredibly small – this is your chance to expand your business!
  • Using us, you can become the pioneer Sake producer in your geographic area – the person that everyone turns to for their Sake needs.


The benefits are several, really. We’re a Japanese company marketing Japanese Sake in an international market, aiming to serve a clientele based in the rest of the world.  Our sort of company, with our expertise and our ambition is very rare. We market brands of Sake that usually are only available in Japan and as such, they’re usually unknown to an international clientele.


We can be the absolute first to provide your company and in connection to that, your clients, with Sake that no one else in your country has tasted before.  Feel free to take a look at our selection list with the variety of descriptions for a complete array of what we can offer you. You’ll be amazed at the benefits we, with our unique selection, can give you.


Take a look around our homepage, and you will see that the import of Sake is good business in itself for a number of reasons.



Your business is crucial to us regardless of what stage in the process you’re in.


We will advise and help you every step of the way, from first contact to first import.  We’ve already had experience in exporting from six to up to a thousand cases of premium, Japanese Sake to the United States and the rest of the world. Our delivery methods, packaging procedures and shipping lanes are open for business and completely secure – all you need to do is explain to us your interest in Sake and let us consult you about the rest.



Our clients love doing business with our company because our willingness to learn, our respect and our interest in their business. Much like our clients say, we combine the new-world knowledge of the export industry, the global trade and worldwide shipping with a very classic kind of respect. We’re willing to learn from you – something that is rare in today’s world – and hope that you will learn from us when doing business as well. It is an exchange, where making money is only a part of the process.


To us, it is at least as important that you’re 100% content and secure in your Sake ordering. We will provide support, information and anything else you require to efficiently market your product in your country. We combine the knowledge ofJapanwith the domestic knowledge of business processes in theUnited States.


These reasons are why we can be YOUR foremost partner in Sake import/export and why our customers love doing business with us above other agents in the industry.





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