Are you interested in importing premium sake directly from Japan?



Sake is a little-known commodity in many nations around the world. This sublime nectar is just now starting to become popular, meaning that the promotion and import is still in its infancy – why should you be missing out on that opportunity?


Due to many reasons, the Kura (Sake Producers) in Japan do not have the capability or resources to market their products in English or have access to a bi-lingual marketing divison. Thus, even if you go to Japan as an importer and visit a tasting event, you will have great difficulties (if it’s even possible) to get anywhere due to these barriers. Even if a producer’s homepage or sales page is in English, this does not mean that they – or anyone at the Kura – speaks fluent English. These barriers can result in business deals going sour when communication isn’t 100% secure.


In addition, one must remember that Kuras are not really marketing distribution networks – they are producers. Sometimes you may even meet a producer at a trading show in your country, set up by the Japanese government trying to drum up Sake business (this is actually fairly common), but this does not mean that the producers actually know the export/import industry. Such barriers and such problems invariably result in misunderstandings and failed business dealings – or business deals that take six times as long as they should.


That is why you need an educated, bi-lingual import/export agent with expertise in Sake, Kuras, Import/export law, marketing, and shipping.


At EPZ ENTERPRISE, LLC, our first and foremost creed is to make sure that your needs are met and that you have all the wonderful world of Sake at your disposal – without any of these complications whatsoever.  We work directly with the Kuras to give you the best possible prices for your Sake . That is why we are your best choice for a business partner when it comes to importing Japanese Sake.


Here’s the important part.


We have an extensive network of contacts within Sake production all over Japan. Our brands are premium and our portfolio is limited to producer’s whose spirits are of time-tested and superior quality – stuff that lasts, so to speak. We purchase these products directly from the breweries themselves, handle all of the negotiation and we then export them directly to you – no fuss and no complications.


However, not only that.


When we started researching Sake export/import in Japan, we noticed that almost all Sake that was exported was exported to Japanese restaurants and specialized stores. Japanese Sake, for Japanese living abroad. Almost none of the Sake exported was suited for foreigners who did not know Sake. We are not looking for Japanese customers – we’re looking for foreign customers, like you.


We’re not just interested in selling you Japanese Sake. We will modify the product presentation for you to make it suitable to your market. Apart from selling you premium-brand Japanese Sake we also offer the following services.


(1) Naming

(2) Label designing

(3) Bottles

(4) Carton designs


There are, of course, clear benefits to this sort of importing and working with an agent who understands your needs. You won’t be stuck with a large number of products with labels that you cannot even read.


However, given the market dimensions and the exclusivity of our premium products, we can only work with a small number of importers per country. If you’re interested in ordering premium Sake at an excellent, competitive price, we urge you to take action and contact us before it is too late. We urge you to contact us so that you have the chance to market premium Sake in your country.



The flow process is simple and works in the following way.


(1) We send  samples of the brands/types of Sake they want to try
(2) The importer decides which one or which ones they like
(3) A price is negotiated for the desired product and quantity
(4) Sometimes importers will visit Japan to take a look around
(5) The order is placed
(6) We modify labels, boxes and bottles as needed
(7) We register the items and labels
(8) Cases are produced according to the desired quantity and product
(9) Shipping to the customer/importer


As you can see, our process is very thorough and with enough room to make sure that no mistakes or misunderstandings are made. As a company, we’re very proactive when it comes to checking with you and making sure that everything is according to your specifications.


Ensuring that you will be included is simple.


Send us a contact email here and describe your company and your interest in Sake – we will return with a list of suggestions and perhaps a number of brands that we propose you sample. We will be happy to work with you every single step of the way as your new and trustworthy business partner in Sake export/import.



If you want to succeed in Sake import business, you need a relevant exporter.



Well, there are several things, really. We’re a Japanese company marketing Japanese Sake in an international market, aiming to serve a clientele based in the rest of the world.  Our sort of company, with our expertise and our ambition is very rare. We market brands of Sake that usually are only available in Japan and as such, they’re usually unknown to an international clientele.


For one, we cooperate directly with the producers. This gives us a distinct advantage when offering you a very diverse palate of Sake flavors and type. You can find any type of Sake you could wish in the inventory we carry.


Secondly, we have ACTIVE cooperation with our producers. We bring them to other countries – bring them to tasting events to promote their wares and offer them up for tasting. Our relationships with our producers are not merely a matter of buying and selling – it’s on a personal level, with friendship, respect and with trust. 

This makes us different from others in this market segment.


We can be the absolute first to provide your company and in connection to that, your clients, with Sake that no one else in your country has tasted before.  Feel free to take a look at our selection list with the variety of descriptions for a complete array of what we can offer you. You’ll be amazed at the benefits we, with our unique selection, can give you.


Here comes the best part.


You can trust us. Unlike other companies, we don’t require that you order a specific amount best suited to a huge, commercial enterprise. No, we allow you to begin with only a few bottles of premium, Japanese alcohol for your sampling pleasure completely free of charge. We are so confident about the products that we sell that we know you’ll not only be surprised and satisfied – you’ll want more right away. You’ll want a variety of different brands and flavors to offer your customers since you’ll know that this is really the best Sake you can possibly offer.


We understand perfectly that to build trust and confidence in a business relationship of this magnitude, time is required. That’s why we don’t rush you or stress you to place your first order. That is why we offer our select import clients sampling and consideration. Take all the time you need to sample our products – when you feel ready to make your decision, we will be there for you to help you with whatever is necessary. If you have any questions about our products or our services, we’ll be there to help you with that as well.





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