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Visiting Doi Shuzojo, known as KAIUN, in Shizuoka

Hello, everyone!   Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Doi Shuzojo, known as KAIUN due to their sake brand name, in Shizuoka. To the visit and tour I brought with me a Vietnamese importer with whom I've had business as of late.   Kaiun stands for “good luck” or “fortune” in Japanese, which makes their brand name very easy for everyone to memorize – and recognize. Their spirit has the distinction of often being served at wedding ceremonies.   We were in luck, and due to our timing and the brewmaster's generosity, we were able to ask Doi-san to see the brewing process...

Link: Visiting Doi Shuzojo, known as KAIUN, in Shizuoka


Would you like to import Japanese sake into Brazil?   The contents are coming soon.   ...

Link: sake-in-brazil

¿Ustedes desean importar directamente EL SAKE y EL SHOCHU en contenedores?

*PARA UNA EMPRESA COMERCIAL DE LICOR*   ¿Ustedes desean importar directamente EL SAKE y EL SHOCHU en contenedores?     【Oportunidad de negocio】 Como ustedes saben, es un producto para un nicho, el SAKE tiene una gran cantidad de productos potencialmente comercial. Sin embargo, en realidad pocas empresas pueden exportar el licor. Por que hay un mayor control y necesita licencia de exportación, y es difícil de obtener la licencia de exportación.   Por supuesto, aparte de Japón también tendrán un mayor control como "LICENCIA DE    IMPORTACION - VENTA"   Este "...

Link: ¿Ustedes desean importar directamente EL SAKE y EL SHOCHU en contenedores?

Не хотели бы Вы, используя контейнер ,импортировать напрямую из Японии сётю и саке?

Уважаемым  торговым компаниям занимающимся спиртными напитками.   Не хотели бы Вы, используя контейнер, импортировать напрямую из Японии сётю и саке?     【Бизнес-возможность】 Как вам известно, благодаря тому ,что японское саке  является нишевым продуктом, у него большие бизнес-возможности. Однако, так как  это алкогольный напиток , он подвергается строгому контролю, и даже внутри Японии , не имея лицензии на экспорт , вы не сможете заниматься им .Кроме этого , в действительности, мало предприятий занимающихся экспортом, и получить лицензию на экспорт тоже довольно-таки т...

Link: Не хотели бы Вы, используя контейнер ,импортировать напрямую из Японии сётю и саке?

Importing Japanese Sake into India?

 Would you like to import Sake into India from Japan?    Do you think Sake would become popular in India? Who would purchase and drink Sake? Japanese people living abroad or locals from India. Where would Sake be consumed?  Yes, it will definitely be popular in India within a short timespan because of its fine quality and affordable price. Indians will love to buy it. I think instead of Japanese, Indian will purchase Sake in larger numbers. Regarding venues – I believe Sake will be shared both in the common areas of the home, during dinner parties and meet-ups with fri...

Link: Importing Japanese Sake into India?

Visiting Tenzan Shuzo, known as Shichida, in Saga

Hey everyone!   After my visit to the Shimane prefecture, Yoshida-san from Gassan gave me a ride to the Saga prefecture in the southern portion of Japan. Naturally, the purpose of this trip was to visit the on-site Sake breweries.   During this visit, we took a tour of Tenzan Shuzo, known as Shichida. Shichida is actually the family name of the Kuramoto (the owner of the brewery). Shichida-san and Yoshida-san are very close friends and I see them together at Sake-based events and presentations very often.   Shichida-san’s “Junmai shu” is a personal favorite of mine – ...

Link: Visiting Tenzan Shuzo, known as Shichida, in Saga

Visiting Yoshida Shuzo, Gassan, in Shimane

Hey everyone!   After visiting the Kyoto region, I travelled to the Shimane prefecture to see Yoshida Shuzo, known as Gassan. As some of you probably remember, I’ve actually been to Gassan before, but this time Yoshida-san let me experience the entirety of the Sake brewing process, in addition to letting me stay at his home – a very generous offer I was quick to accept.   This is a picture from the front of Yoshida Shuzo, where you can see the iconic Moon depicted on the front wall. 'Gassan' actually stands for Mountain and Moon, so their logo is suitably accurate.   Y...

Link: Visiting Yoshida Shuzo, Gassan, in Shimane

Tamagawa Sake Brewery in Kyoto

You’ve read about my visits to Eikun and Tsukinokatsura. My visits to different breweries that I represent or want to represent continue. Yesterday, I took 3 hour train ride to go to the Tamagawa brewery. While Tamagawa is in Kyoto prefecture (which by most is considered to be very rural), their kura is located at the coast. This means that the view is a little different from what most visitors think Kyoto is and looks like.   As you can see on the picture below, you don’t really see a whole lot of historical architecture or temples. The view from the train on my trip there however re...

Link: Tamagawa Sake Brewery in Kyoto

Sake research at Grace Wine & Spirits in NY, USA

I was curious about the local stores because, as it turned out, they also sell Sake. This was one of the things I wanted to research while on my trip – if standard alcohol and spirit stores also sell Sake. So with this goal in mind, I made a stop at Grace Wine & Spirits in New York, USA.   This is the entrance shot, and the Logo mark of wine bottle had my attention immediately upon walking by. The store is surrounded by condominiums and apartments. The place was also very central as far as New York goes. I assume that because of this, they get a lot of customers to their store d...

Link: Sake research at Grace Wine & Spirits in NY, USA

Joy of Sake Festival 2012 in Tokyo

EPZ is proud to be one of the world’s foremost exporters of Japanese Sake. As such, we always try to stay on top of current Sake events as this is absolutely crucial for the process of popularizing and marketing Sake outside of Japan.   The Joy of Sake is the most important of these events, due to the sheer size of it. For over 10 years, the event has been held around the world, beginning in Honolulu, Hawaii. Over 300 different types of Sake are showcased during this event and presented to visitors and customers from all over the world.   2012’s Joy of Sake was held in Tokyo, a...

Link: Joy of Sake Festival 2012 in Tokyo

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